Live and running

Time to hit the ground running.  Welcome all to my new photography blog. My name is Trent Chau, a photography student at Gwinnett Technical College.  About a good 25 of us students currently enrolled in the upper quarter of the photography program are starting blogs for our Multimedia II class with Mr. Jones, so it’s going to be pretty excited not only talking about my own photography, but also about fellow classmates as we progress throughout the quarter and the rest of our final year in school.  If you have the time check out my fellow classmates blogs also.  You can find a link to their blogs on the right of this page.  Thanks a bunch.

Just one of many hundreds of my photos already taken in the GTC photo program the last year.

By all means this isn’t my first rodeo when it comes to running a blog, but I’m really excited about some of the cool things coming up with this class.  First of all thoroughness is something cool..  When you are self taught like I was for the last few years you tend to gloss over things that may have little interest, but they could end up really making your blog shine.  Mr. Jones has already talked about RSS Feeds, Social integration,and various other aspects that sound really great.  It’s gonna be nice to be able to make my other blogs stronger because of this class.

Secondly something I’m really looking forward too is being able to share my work, photography, and opinion in a more intimate environment with my classmates.  My current blog did provide somewhat of a venue to express my work, but it started to become bigger and more varied in its content.  By starting from scratch with this blog I get to walk with fellow classmates, share same experiences, cross references those experiences with them, and pretty much be part of a fluid community.  That’s pretty darn cool.

So big thank you to readers who are going to stumble on this site.  There will be an influx of post the next several weeks so I’ll try to make them interesting.


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