20 minutes with Christina Lee

I love Lee, she’s hilarious.  For those who don’t know her, Lee is the residential artist and all around sassy awesome in our photography upper quarter class.  She is pretty much known throughout the school, and everyone gets along with her.  I also love the fact that she told me she disliked me once, before she knew me.  Cause I was that dude who had all the camera stuff, and I acted all snooty and high and mighty.  Of course that was for like a day, or maybe 10…than she gave me a second chance :).

Well Lee dropped by a few days ago to borrow a light, and we all hung out at my place.  Ian, Sterling, Tiff, Lee, and I talked movies, mayhem, and more.  Like all hippie fest (or how it seems to be) a Ukulele comes out and Lee starts jamming.  After the initial wail of Tiff screaming bloody murder about anyone who can play the Ukulele better than her (which is anyone who plays a guitar at all), I decided to take some photos of Lee.

And thus the title!  20 minutes of shooting Christina Lee.

For this shoot I broke out a Paul C Buff Parabolic Light Modifier that my friend Jamie let me borrow.  It’s this uber huge umbrella light modifier that reflects a huge amount of light into a tinier than normal area.  Attached to my Norman ML600r, it was popping a crazy amount of light out and even provided a unique background.  Check out the photos!

Here is the PLM on the left, and a gridded ML600R as a kicker light

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