Sarah and Obaid | A preview of my wedding photography

It’s said that a photographer either loves wedding photography, or hates it.  I just happen to be one of those people who LOVE it.  By all means the first few weddings back in 2004~2005 were quite a source of stress, but after about 90 weddings now since then the worries have died down.  What hasn’t died down though is the enthusiasm about shooting weddings.  Being able to mix the technical aspects of photography, the creativity demands, and most importantly the people skills really makes weddings a blast.

That being said I was asked to do my first Pakastani wedding a few months ago for Sarah and Obaid.  A 3 day event spanning from Saturday to Tuesday (of course you need a Monday to rest you know), the wedding was the ultimate deep end of cultural experience, shock, and amazement.  Located at three separate venues starting in Augusta, Georgia and ending in Atlanta, Georgia, the wedding was housed in absolutely spectacular locations with ornate stages and designs.  Over 400 people attended, some coming as far as England and Pakistan itself.

In all my weddings shot it truly was a unique and amazing experience.  Here are some sample images from the wedding.  I would like to thank Tiffany Bayona, and Chris Oh.  Those two assisted me during the wedding and provided some excellent photographs of their own.


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