Oh the glory and pain of Photographic Film

(This post was originally posted at my old blog on 11/2009, with lower quarter now going through film developing and shooting I thought it would be fun to share with them as they struggle with film just like we did.  Hang in there guys, and hold it through.  Click read more to see some of my scanned film work back from Quarter 1.)

The new photography class at Gwinnett Tech is now halfway through our first quarter, and we are knee deep in developing fluid, T-Max negatives and Ilford RC Glossy photo paper.  While some may question the need for students to learn film, in all honesty it’s been pretty mind opening and quite a fun adventure….to a point.

Like many other photographers enthusiastic about the history of photography, I find the idea of film both nostalgic and in a sense romantic.  Film based photography is so tangible, so impacted by your delicate touch that it isn’t only the final result that seems to matter but also the whole process.  Well like many other things, the idea sound great on paper.  The fact of the matter is the developing fluid smells, it’s messy, it’s aggravating coming from a digital background, and man I remember how much easier it was just to get negatives scanned and printed at Wolf Camera back in the mid 90’s :).

Jason, Gudrun, David, you guys have my respect and also my sympathy.  Film really is fascinating in it’s own right but wow after large format next quarter I think digital looks really nice right now 🙂

None the less, I’m going to keep that Elan 7N for a little while and shoot the occasional roll of Ilford Delta or T-max.  I’ll get another bloody nose when cleaning a pool of dektol, hypo-clear, and stop bath.  I’ll smile when I fan my hands like a crazy demon trying to dodge and burn on the enlarger.

All for the sake of art right?

Here were a few of my photos taken back then.  And a bonus photogram.

The photogram – EOS goddess of light
The pinhole camera print
GTC 36 Exposure (Our first assignment)
Our DOF Assignment

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