Daniels Renewal of Vows

I had the privileged of shooting an old classmates vow renewal today at the Best Bear Golf Club in Suwanee, Georgia. Jarrett is one of those guys that’s just easy to get along with and has a pretty hilarious personality to boot so it just made the wedding more a joy rather than a task.  Also Jarrett must have struck some deal with the weather gods because today was an absolutely wonderful day for a wedding.  It would of been a little better with more clouds, but outside of that the sky was a perfect blue.  The kicker was the fact after the ceremony we all piled in 10+ golf carts and made our way to the scenic 7th hole, and it was just outstanding.

Originally I was hired by Jarrett to only cover the ceremony and portraits afterward, while another photographer friend of his would cover the reception.  Fate always rears its head randomly though and the other photographer was bitten by a spider the night before.  In no way I would leave a friend without photographs of such a special day , Ian (who was assisting me that day) and I decided to stay for the rest of the wedding and shoot it.  Boy was it amazing, Jarrett and Courtney were hilarious and performed some pretty awesome dance and singing skits that just made some great photos.

Well enough talking, here’s some photos.  Mind you these were from about 2 hours ago, so they are very preliminary.

Best wishes and more to you Courtney and Jarrett.  You already have 6 great years together, and a beautiful family, and I wish that you have so much more.

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