Classmate Highlight! | Lee Christina

Some viewers may have noticed a link to the right of all the classmates blogs.  They are cool! Some are super cool. Well occasionally I’m going to highlight one of them, and give a quick reason to check them out.  Also if they let me, a portrait taken of them by me will also be posted.  Super super cool.

The first classmate highlight is Lee Christina!

Why should you check it out?

Lee is hilarious, down to earth, artsy, and her writing showcases that.  Where else can you find condom couture, curmudgeon cats, and child cartography all in one blog?  That’s right, at Lee’s blog.  Check it out!


One response

  1. Love this…rightful owner of the water buffalo horns!

    October 21, 2010 at 10:19 pm

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