Wandering Wednesdays | Sope Creek

It’s Wednesday (Or was when we did this)! It’s time to go wandering.  Occasionally Tiffany and I will find a place to walk and just enjoy it.  It may be a trail, it may be a paved path, but the idea is just enjoy the weather, take some photos, and pretty much just decompress from daily school life.  Well what a great chance to share this with you guys.  Why is this cool?  Well since Tiffany and I are photographers, more than likely the location we are at has a chance to be very picturesque and accessible to photography.  You never know, we maybe scouting the location of your next shoot.

So talking about picturesque, I’m proud to share with you the location for today’s wandering Wednesday.

Sope Creek!
Google Map : Sope Creek

Sope Creek park is a fairly easy trail to hike when you park.  The centerpiece of the park is the old ruins of the paper mill located right on the creek.  It’s absolutely stunning to see in person, and amazingly excellent for photo shoots.  In fact I’ve done several shoots there before. I would show some samples but Flickr is currently down.  **update!  Flickr is back up so check some photos from there below**

The following photos and captions will do the talking, enjoy and hope to see you guys get some great shots from here.

One of the first views you see when you enter the paper mill ruins
Another point of view of the mill
Random Cutness mixed with fall leaves
Large Epic Waterfalls (if you are a dwarf)
Right in front of the ruins is a beautiful creek.
The water levels are a lot lower than normal, but it’s still nice.  Be careful of stagnant pools.
They tend to carry a lot of bacteria from decaying leaves, and have been known to cause sickness.
Sope Creek is a great place for long exposure shots of water.  The fall leaves really
spice things up.
The otherside of the ruins.  Tiffany loves to climb.
She REALLY loves to climb.
Wednesdays end early for us.  Now we have to head out to class.

Thanks for reading guys.  Wandering wednesdays may not be every wednesdays, but there will be updates in the future about it.  Check out great locations.

Leave a comment if you have a suggestion on anywhere to go that’s an hour or less away from Lawrencville, GA.  Tiff and I will check it out.

Here are some photos I’ve done at Sope Creek.


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