Here comes the rain again

It’s day two of a pretty epic storm in the North Atlanta area and the rain today is relentless.  As photographers sometimes we dread rainy days (sometimes not).   On one part shooting outside becomes either impossible or a chore.  You really don’t want to get your thousands of dollars worth of equipment inundated with torrents of water, and also putting bags or protective gear on your equipment becomes difficult.  On the other hand not many subjects find a rainy day to be a wonderful time to shoot outside.

In short there’s a lot of strikes against shooting outside on a rainy day. Of course there’s always exceptions, and in this case it’s my friend Holly, the most bad ass model in the world.

Back in early 2010 Holly met up with me at my old photo studio in Athens, GA, on a terribly raining and nasty day not unlike today.  What happened next was a fun photoshoot in the pouring rain, as drops of water splashed all over the water proof Canon 70-200 2.8L IS lens.  The main concentration was getting the photo, and on my part I was shooting without worries of the water, and Holly was modelling like the sun was shining on a beautifulfall day.  In one word, it was imperfectly perfect.


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