Photojournalism : Features

What exactly a feature is most of my classmates and I aren’t exactly sure, but we do know it’s funny, or sad, or crazy, or mad, but all in all it’s not news.  Which sounds like the tag line to one of my favorite website, (do not click this link unless you have absolutely no where to go for hours).  That being said today our feature assignment is due for our photojournalism class and here is mine.  It’s cute.  I went to the Conyer Old Town Fall festival and found these adorable little ladies dancing a jig for a packed house, and the roaring applause at the end brought the house down.


One response

  1. I understand the criticism of failure to communicate exactly what the particulars of the story are in the 1,000 words of a picture, but then there is always the cut line of WWWWH. Difficult mark to hit, and I really like this one.

    October 27, 2010 at 10:36 pm

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