Helping a friend shoot

My photo buddy and classmate Ian has a pretty cool shoot today for a modeling agency.  He recruited me to help with lighting and pretty much use my gear (hey it happens).  He’s got some pretty good ideas and themes going for today, with most all of the shots being done at a O’Malley’s Pub in Woodstock, GA.  Well what a great post to make on the blog.  So check it out today as I put up some photos and chat a little about what the setups are.

So what exactly is my main role?  See the lights in the photos, yeah that’s my job today.

Check out more photos of the day on my flickr page

Ian getting ready
Ian setups his first shot at the pool table.  Lighting is a softbox for key,
strip light for a kicker, and beauty dish as a kicker.

The first shot
Ian takes his first shot.  Cool angle, and pretty cool results
(I’ll post them later)

Headsup, this shoot contains some suggestive material and wardrobe, nothing bad but you’ve been warned.

Ian is shooting inside and outside, which always creates unique issues concerning lighting. For the outside shots we mounted a 580 EX II with a CP-E4 battery pack, it was modified with a Strobies Softbox.

As the rush comes
Shooting outside.  Canon Flash for key, and sunlight as rim light.

Lol Cieling Ian is watching you shoot.
Sometimes you have to use any means possible to get the shot,
including standing in my car.  Hmm.

Check out who else helped out today. It’s Tiffany! Oh so cute.

Omg Cute Assistant is Cute
She’s useful for holding reflectors for heights up to 5 feet, nothing more.
But at least she does it with style.

Of course I have to get a pretty lady photo of her

Heading back inside, we continued to use my Norman ML600r flashes. These guys are workhorses, and has supplied me many an amazing photograph due to their consistent color output, and beautiful bright light. We needed to control light spill on some images, so through the use of grids and various sized modifiers we were able to achieve many lighting scenarios.

Shooting at O'Malleys
Creating atmosphere with long exposure, a main light, and a gridded flash.

Shooting at O'Malleys
Directing the row of ladies for the big group shot.

I loved the atmosphere at the bar, mostly after the smoke of the cigars started to permeate the air. So I mounted the 85 1.2L II and got some atmospheric photographs while Ian got everyone ready for their poses.

Shooting at O'Malleys
Lighting up for the shot, I love the bokeh from the 85 1.2L II

Shooting at O'Malleys
One of the twins and sunshine put their flirt on for the camera.

Shooting at O'Malleys
A man knowing what he wants his models to do.

Shooting at O'Malleys
In line for a front cover type photo

Check out more photos of the day on my <a href=””>flickr page</a>

Here’s a few more samples of what Ian shot throughout the day. It looks like the modeling company is needing some of these photos for promotional print.

Shooting at O'Malleys
Ian shoots Charlotte on a Jag.  Jag’s were great, but their electric system sucks.
Oh yeah, lighting is just a 580 ex II with a Strobies softbox

Shooting at O'Malleys
Charlotte is woo’ed by the beautiful LCD of the 5D Mark II.  It’s immaculant colours
are vibrant even in the bearing down heat of the sub-saharan desert sun.  Truly
an Engineering marvel.

Shooting at O'Malleys
Epic win

Shooting at O'Malleys
Silly Melissa, you cannot copy epic win

Shooting at O'Malleys
Getting this many models to pose in one pose is pretty much herding cats.
Good job Ian.

Shooting at O'Malleys
If you white balance Ian correctly he’s still blue…he’s so cool.


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