Novembers Model of the Month | Carli Prillamen

Carli - Baby Blue

It’s a new month so that means it’s time for a new Model of the MonthCarli Prillamen (Or Kunitz when I first met her) gets that honor.  Carli and I are OOOOOLLLLLDDDD friends.  It’s scary to think that we knew each other in high school, being that high school was a century ago for me.  None the less Carli is a class act, a beautiful lady, a wonderful mom, and one of the best friends you can ever ask for.  She has everything going for her, and she also loves to give and will bend over backwards for a friend in need or just to say hello.

Check out the Model of the Month page and read a little about her, and see some of the work we have done together.  She’s something.

Oh you may notice also that the header and background changed to reflect the MOTM.  This was done as a suggestion by a forum friend, so big shout out there.




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