Aisy Bear’s Halloween Special

Aisy Bear Halloween Special (2010)
Arryss, Aislynn and I.

I love Halloween, its cute, silly, and fun wrapped in one awesome package.  Halloween has been especially more awesome because my daughter Aislynn is now of age to understand what halloween is about and enjoy it.  Last year we dressed her up as a too too cool pirate.  She was sooo adorable.  This year she was a punk rock princess, and I just had to share some daddy photos.  Yes these photos aren’t exactly the best things you can shoot, but I wanted to share a little bit of my private life with you so please enjoy.

Aisy Bear Halloween Special (2010)
Singing the bumblebee song
Aisy Bear Halloween Special (2010)
That dazed and confused look reminds me of me 🙂

Aisy Bear Halloween Special (2010)
Pretty pretty punky princess

Aisy Bear Halloween Special (2010)
Mommy is over 6 feet tall!

Aisy Bear Halloween Special (2010)
Luckiest dad in the world


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