Trent does studio lighting 5 years ago.

Corinne - Godspeed
Corrine shot with a 5D, 24-70 2.8L, White lightning x1600

Hows this for embarrassing? Here is a studio shot I did 5 years ago.  Studio lighting was new to me, and I decided to take the deep end when it came to learning it.  Learning ratios, modifiers, key, fill, kicker, and all that I was pretty much grounding at it for a solid year.  My first lights where some crappy ones from JTL.  They did what they were advertised to do, but man did they feel flimsy and got close to breaking so many times.  Soon though I heard of a company called Alien Bees and through them studio lighting became awesome and affordable.  Several lights later including 6 white lightning X1600’s at one time (those created interesting photos) I’m now in a completely new lighting system from Norman.  Built around 5 Norman ML600r’s, my system of the last few years has been nothing but stunning for me and absolutely outstanding in the results they give.  Point of this post?  Want to elongate your shooting time photography wise?  Buy lights and just use them, have fun fun fun.


The pictures of Misty below showcase what using multiple Norman lights can do.


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