Animoto : A way too easy way to make a slideshow out of photos

Ever see one of those spiffy photography slideshows that seem to follow the beat of the music.  Years ago a group of photographer friends and I stumbled upon a site called Animoto that streamlines and makes doing slideshows a cinch.  Upload a song, upload some photos, press some buttons, and all of a sudden the program matches the beat of the song with some transitions.  While it wasn’t exactly perfect all the time, most any client who got the files fell in love with the results.

Here’s a sample of a movie I made over a year ago.  It features the one and only Aglae, model of the month of October.  Enjoy!


One response

  1. Very cool. I am going to make one and splice it and use the clips for editing some other videos. That will make awesome fill.

    November 5, 2010 at 7:27 am

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