Even more Holiday portrait stuff | Check out our cute couple

gtc holiday portrait setup

As pretty much all of the students expected, there was one more day of getting the Holiday portrait setup ready.  The Flex student group jumped at the occasion of getting everything done, and we went crazy.  Doors now are decorated and look like gift boxes, the sleigh was moved, and moved again.  There’s more trees now, and they are lit more.  The sleigh also glows now! as we added over 3 more to the mix.  High Five flex team!

Kayla Andrews and Erik Helms volunteered to be a couple for us, so check it out 🙂  Here are more photos from the day.

gtc holiday portrait setup

A wider view of the setup

Some photos taken by me, some by Ian Smith with my cam. Enjoy.

gtc holiday portrait setup

Erik puts up barn doors while Bruce, Nicole, and Cara look on.


gtc holiday portrait setup

Lori and Nicole help move the large modifiers away.


gtc holiday portrait setup

Allison thinks about how Ms. Finch totally loves her new photo for critique


gtc holiday portrait setup

The set from our point of view


gtc holiday portrait setup

Ian, probably the most holiday spirit you will ever get out of him.

And of course you can’t have holiday setups without me looking like an idiot.


gtc holiday portrait setup

Ready to shred this fine powder


gtc holiday portrait setup

X-treme sports action


gtc holiday portrait setup

Tired from all my mad stuntz



2 responses

  1. Did you write your name in the snow?

    November 9, 2010 at 3:20 pm

  2. cclinephotography

    OH NO!!! now you have to fluff the snow again!!! 😦

    November 9, 2010 at 3:44 pm

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