Wandering Wednesdays (On a friday) | The Roswell Mill

The Dam and fall creates a wonderful background for photos

Now for special edition of  Wandering Wednesdays.  It was such a beautiful day today in Atlanta, that Tiffany and I couldn’t help but go out to one of my old favorite stomping grounds, The Roswell Mill.  There’s a good bit of Georgia history there that you can read about, but how is it for a photographer?  Lets just say it’s absolutely amazing almost anytime of the year, and it’s a stunning place to take photos for a family or portrait.  The cavaet?  You need to have a permit if you are a professional (don’t know if you do if you’re a student, no one has stopped me).

The mill is a very picturesque place.  The reason why I like in in comparison to other places that have a creek is because the creek front is accessible.  While places like Tallulah falls is gorgeous, you are forced to take in the view from afar where a place like the Roswell Mill puts you right in where the photos are at their best.

Here’s a Google map of the Roswell Mill Location : The Roswell Mill

The waterfall viewed from the right.

Looking towards the west from the top of the waterfall

Stunning reflection on a very calm pool on top of the dam

A close up view of the waterfall.

A little to the left of the waterfall

Tiff on the rocks by the waterfall

You can always get scary stuff like this

There's some cool old machinary there, perfect for steampunk type photos

Tiffany on stairs by the old mill


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  1. Trent,

    Great Post! Will def. be checking this out!! Thanks!

    November 13, 2010 at 7:43 am

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