Classmate Highlight | Lori Kolbenschlag

Another day and another classmate highlight!  This classmate highlight is none other than the class firecracker Lori Kolbenschlag.  Or maybe timebomb would be a better phrase, yet timebomb tends to be negative and Lori is far from that, she’s just plain witty.  You see Lori is the quiet type in class, adorably shy sometimes.  She’s really softspoken, and while not tiny like Willina (another fine classmate), Lori does shrink away sometimes and do her own thing.  If you catch her at the right moment though Lori is impossibly bad ass and will give a retort equivalent of a heavyweight fighters right hook.

In a sense Lori’s photography matches that mentality.  It comes out of no where, and it’s quite frankly very good, I may take some flak for this but I think it’s some of the most memorable and best in the class.  None the less check out her blog here.


She's charging her batteries to unleash a torrent of wittism's your way. You can see it in her eyes.


Why should you check her blog?

Cause cute baby photos are cute (Lori is a new grandma!), Lori finds the humor in things, One of the many reasons why I think Lori ranks at the top of our class (blogspot blog), The original dirty granny.


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