The Atlanta Photographers Guild | Atlanta’s Best Photography Group

I’m a member of the Atlanta Photographers Guild. Being a member of the guild makes you awesome. So that means I’m awesome. Do you want to be awesome? Cool! Lets get you started.

First of all, what is the Atlanta Photographers Guild? As scary as the Guild part may sound (mostly to you Online Role Playing Game people) it’s actually at it’s core a group of photographers who meet and talk in an online group on flickr.  It’s an outstanding resource in the sense that you can talk to a lot of photographers of various experience levels and come out with quite a bit of knowledge.  Oh I can’t forget, it all was started by the absolutely awesome Marc Turnley.

The kicker is that the Atlanta Photographers Guild meets every other Tuesday and that’s where the awesome is.  The guild setups a shoot that follows a “Pay to play” idea.  You can come out and watch, and socialize, but if you really want to get your photography on you can shoot for a small fee of $10.  The promise is that APG delivers a unique experience with models, lighting, and a great environment.  The promise has been delivered for YEARS now.

So check out the Atlanta Guilds Flickr site, get information there, and I hope you can join us.

Here are some photos I’ve personally taken at the guild meetings the last 2 years.



Drama! - There's a story in this, would you care to make one up?

IMG_9920 copy

APG 08052008

something cute

Street Kings


Ashzelly - Raven


Maryn - Christmas

OMG Angry Aglae

APG 06162009

Vanisha and Nick

Christina - Dirty Martini

Athena and Aliyah - Structure


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