A wedding to remember | Christina and Ian ties the knot in beautiful Cancun.


Well Tiffany and I are on the flight back to Atlanta from Cancun, and we don’t want to go.  Ian and Christina’s wedding was pretty much perfect.  After a torrential rainy Thursday, the skies opened up and a strong wind blew in and Friday through Sunday was Hollywood island weather perfect.  I’ve been posting photos of Tiffany, so it’s a pleasure of mine to be able to share some photos taken of Christina and Ian at their wedding yesterday.  These are straight out of camera photos (some cropping) so look in the future for some more edits.  Tiffany and I want to give a big shout out and thank you to the El Dorado Spa Resort, their staff and venue was absolutely exquisite.  I highly recommend anyone looking to do a destination wedding to check out that location.  Also big thank you to Lomas Travel agency, you guys rock.

Here are some photos, enjoy!







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