Tumblr Photographer Research

Along with setting up a facebook account, flickr account, twitter account, blogspot/wordpress account, and heck even a gmail account, Mr. Jones is also asking us to research and I guess setup a tumblr account (I don’t exactly know, wasn’t at the class).  So what exactly is Tumblr? To me it looks like a mixture of twitter and wordpress/blogspot.  So in short it’s pretty much blog diarrhea but in a more positive context.  Instead of posting small 140 letter snippets like twitter, or rather lengthy post (like this one) on a blog, tumblr is the great in between that lets you write and show off your photography/graphic work.  I think it’s cool.

The weird part is my account was setup over a year ago, and I completely forgot about it.  So cool!  check it out.


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