Welcome your new Model of the Month for December | Maryn Oroz

Maryn - Merona


December here is its time to announce the brand new Model of the Month.  Winner of the poll from my blogspot blog for the MOTM vote, Maryn won in the end when a surprising 25+ votes surged in within the last week of the vote to sweep the lead from Christina with a tally of 47 to 45.  We are all winners though as both will be featured back to back as models of the month.

Maryn is an awesome cookie.  Yes I’m being a little friendly in my description, cause it’s just that, Maryn is actually a friend of mine who models on the side.  We’ve known each other a good half decade now, but it’s felt like longer and we each share silly secrets about each other.  Let me tell you one of them about her….wait a minute..ahem…anyways Maryn is awesome and you can read more about her at the Model of the Month Page.

December Model of the Month : Maryn Oroz


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