As the School quarter comes to the end – Things I’ve learned

Its the waning days of the last quarters of the 2010 academic year at Gwinnett Tech.  In less than a week all our final projects, finals and so forth will be turned in and we’re given a nice 3 week break until our 6th quarter as photography students (only 3 more to go).  For our Multimedia II final,  Mr. Jones wants us to three post about the things we’ve learned this quarter, along with several other task that are pretty simple to complete.  I’m actually really looking forward this this, and will split these post three topics.  These topics are “What I’ve learned in Multimedia II with Mr. Jones“, “What I’ve learned in Flower Arranging with Ms. Mason“, and lastly “What I’ve learned in Photojournalism/Portraiture with Ms. Finch“.  **EDIT!**  So I get word from Mr. Jones that all these post should be about his class (how VAIN!), so the next two post will be more about MMII.

All the things we learned this quarter

So here’s part one : What I’ve learned in Multimedia II with Mr. Jones

Multimedia II was a great example of one of the many reasons I went back to school.  Having already had a blog/website/and various other websites like Tumblr, Youtube, and so on I didn’t really do more than just create an account and place a small post up before it either died in obscurity or left to stagnant.  There was a weblog being worked on that generated lots of traffic but proved to be too heavy handed and divided among topics.  Multimedia II was cool because it gave insight on some of the inner workings of those websites and then letting me take time to apply it and watch those websites flourish (Like planting a garden).  Using the web blog for example, Mr. Jones taught us the benefits of creating a social linking chain which in two parts will help the overall “Net Presence” of an individual.  First it would generate traffic to one site and others because of direct linking.  Secondly and most importantly though this linking of sites to each other helps the sites become a “Group” and as the group grew bigger, the big search websites like Google would turn it’s eye to it and further advertise it.  Pretty cool eh?  Does it work?  Yep, that’ show Google is structured.

I mentioned above about Multimedia II being a great example of why school was back on the menu.  Well with the internet it’s very easy to teach yourself.  As mentioned I’ve already started a lot of what was already done in class.  The cool part was this was 10 weeks to fine hone all of the websites into sharp edge weapons.  My new blog is more streamlined and targeted to my photography.  I have a tumblr up which has been a blast to use which pretty much is a “Twitter” for my images.  It’s going to be great to generate traffic.  Other sites like YouTube, twitter, facebook, and so forth were established and while they aren’t updated as much serve as a linking or lure for potential traffic to see my blog website.  In a marketing standpoint Multimedia II has been the most productive and important class we have taken in the program yet.

Some cool things have happened also because of the class.

Because of my blog, One Stop Poetry (another blog) requested an interview.  Of course I obliged, and even mentioned Mr. Jones in it.  Read the interview here.

Some people have stumbled on the page and hired me to do some photography.  Win!

In two months my blogs and websites have generated over 14,000 unique hits.  Not bad for a small town college kid.

My top 3 things I loved about Multimedia II

WordPress – It’s so good using wordpress to such a high degree again.  I love the interface, the look, the feel, and the possibilities of the website.

Tumblr – fast, fun, and easy to use.  Tumblr was fast to setup, and easy to learn.  Only issue is the amazing amount of porn on it.  Repressed hipsters 🙂

Our last class together : After 5 quarters of classes with Mr. Jones, this is the last class we all have together.  Pretty cool but also sad.



Thanks again Mr. Jones for a great class, and it sucks this is our last one together for who knows how long.



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