Hints and tips for Lower Quarter.

Elan 7n - Is this how I load film?

It' s not really related anymore, but what other image could I use for this?

Every September a new group of students join the photography program at Gwinnett Tech.  About 60 people join the 2 year program, and by the end of the program you end up with roughly half of it.  Because of this there’s a group called the Upper Quarter and a group called the lower quarter.  Which to me sounds like Hindu caste system, but that’s just my opinion.  As of September this year my group became the Upper Quarter and it’s been interesting seeing all the new faces and their work.  I’m really looking forward to their color class, as ours just blew everyone away.

Congrats to those lower quarter students who make it past the first quarter.  It’s tough.  We lost about 16 people in our first quarter.  Here are some hints and tips for the new few quarters straight from the horse’s mouth.

  • You’re going digital next quarter; go ahead and buy Lightroom for $89 with your student discount.  If you are serious about photography then organization is PARAMOUNT to your success.
  • Digital printing is faster than dark room printing, but prepare for a lot of getting used to it and paper usage.  Partner up with people you can trust and buy big packs of paper.  (Example – Epson Luster 250 Pack for $155.00).  Just like film, if you buy in bulk you will save a crap load.
  • If you have to buy locally I suggest visiting Showcase in Atlanta.  Ask for Danny, Kelly, Bob or Ron and tell them you know Trent and you are a student at Gwinnett Tech.  You will get a student discount, and plus those guys are very cool and would bend over backwards for you.
  • Large format can be a pain; the camera is bulky,  but it is pretty cool.  Scan in your photos if you can or immediately get to know the Hassleblad scanner.  It’s really easy to use.
  • Shoot shoot shoot.  The best way to get better at photography is to make it so using your tools comes as a second nature.  That camera in your hand isn’t what decides a great photo, you do, but you have to know how to use it from end to end.  So shoot!
  • Scout your locations early for your final four.  There are many great spots. If you are on my blog check out my Wandering Wednesday section and you may find a place you like.
  • Having a bunch of artists together means you have a lot of emotional, smart people who get butt hurt over the smallest things.  Try to be patient with each other, and if there’s someone you don’t like there should be 5 others you do.  Don’t let people get you down and believe in your work.

Best of luck guys!


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