Photojournalism Final : Dealing with Alzheimer

For our final project in Photojournalism I chose to cover a topic that is relatively close to me.  Arryss, my ex girlfriend and mother of my daughter Aislynn, has had to deal with a tragic situation in her family.  For over 6 years now her grandmother Mertyl has been suffering with Alzheimer’s.  A tragic disease that takes it’s toll physically and mentally, the whole family has had to weather this ordeal as they try to find hope in any way possible.

My final video is an ode to their struggle, and to bring light to it.  It doesnt talk much about the science against Alzheimer, but more the emotions and pain that coping with a family who is stricken with it can bring.  Every day millions of families go through the same struggle.  At the end of the video there I avoided any messages of hope, as to emulate (but in no way equal ever) the feelings that a family now goes through when dealing with this disease.

Tomorrow I get graded on this project.  Whatever the grade may be, what’s most important to me is that this was made.


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