What I’ve learned in Multimedia II : Hyper Champion Turbo Edition’

Why yes, I was a huge gamer when I was young. 🙂

So call me embarrassed.  Here I thought Mr. J wanted us to post about what we’ve learned in all our classes, but really we’re suppose to talk about just Multimedia II.  The good news is that my first post seemed a little bit of a blanket statement for the class, so of course there’s ways to write more about it.  The bad news is there was plans for some EPIC awesome posting about my other classes, but those are now  gone forever.  C’est la vie.

Instead of another broad generalization of what was awesome about MMII, I’m going to spend the next two post talking about two things that were absolutely awesome from MMII.  The first topic will be WordPress.

I love wordpress.  Simple as that.  I love the interface, I like the way the blogs look by default, I like the control you get as a user.  It really is a pleasure to me.  Should it be endorsed for others?  Probably not as much.   Here’s a bullet list of likes and cautions about WordPress.

  • As a former web developer dealing with CSS and various other WEBDEV things, WordPress allowed me a luxury of control (with payments now) that other blogs I’ve seen didn’t allow.  This is an opinion from about 2006 when I saw wordpress for the first time, so things are changing for the better on all blogs but this is the daddy for me.
  • WordPress has a bloated, convoluted interface that isn’t simple.  Yes this is a good point for me….this is how software was back in the day!  Some obvious things were in the forefront, but with enough curiosity, enough digging, and by all means a boat load of Control+z you can open up a world of awesome or a world of suck at the click of a button.  This multiple level of control is what I’m used too in software such as Flash, 3D Studio, Photoshop, Premiere, and even Microsoft office.  Hand coding of widgets is awesome too.
  • WordPress allows you to easily create content.  This is where it was important for MMII.  We were asked to make multiple postings a week for class and wordpress proved to be a pretty easy way to do it (Blogger was also).  Uploading pictures was a cinch, and adding video.
  • Multimedia II stressed web presence, and the tagging/catagory system of WordPress works great.  Be sure if you start a blog to get to this early.

As you can see these are but a few things I love about WordPress, and ultimately MMII.  Check out soon for a post about Tumblr.  I’ll try to get it up before they go down again like they’ve been the last 48 hours. 🙂


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