Multimedia III : Clash of Superheroes!

So now for the final installment of “What I’ve learned in Multimedia II.  This one is a little different, it’s gonna be an Audio file! (What happened?!, read below) So have a listen and learn about Tumblr and how it affected our Multimedia II class.  It really is a great little thing.

Ugh darn internet/Iphone issues.  I can’t send the voice memo from my iphone, via email, to 3 of my accounts.  Maybe it’s an Iphone issue, or all of a sudden my outbound server does not enjoy m4a files, but for some reason that email is refusing to go out.

So it’s time to do a standard word update.  Sigh.  Here goes…

Multimedia II, Tumblr, and Me.

In the third and last installment of what was learned Multimedia II, I will cover the cool, and pretty darn useful, Tumblr.  As mentioned in the Tumblr post from a few weeks ago, Tumblr is the multimedia version of Twitter.  Instead of getting up to 140 pieces characters to showcase what you want to share, you have an option of sharing images, video, audio, qoutes, and many other things.  Viewers are immediately able to see the content;  if it interests them or, if they are in the holiday spirit, they can share/re-share it and create a large sharing network as followers to all of everyone stream starts joining in.  Pretty cool, eh?

So how does it integrate into our class?  Well, at the core of it all, Tumblr embraces the social networking/web presence that Multimedia II is about.  Mr. Jones repeatedly stressed the importance of building a web presence, and he couldn’t be more right, if you wanted to succeed as a photographer in this day an age.  But instead of being the biggest fish in a small pond, the web presence idea sought to make the pond bigger as you continually strive to become a bigger fish.  Tumblr allows you to become a bigger fish with ease.  As you share images, thoughts, and video of your work or those of others it helps you get recognized.  You can build anticipation from people who are licking their chops wanting to see your next work or your next post.  You may get lucky and upload the file that gets sent around the world as people ooh and ah over your work.

Even cooler, you can be the one who jump-starts that for your friend as you share a piece of their work they love so much, and that may be the spark that gets their work going out.  That’s awesome!

Is it idealistic to think of the great opportunities Tumblr allows?  Probably, but at the core of it all it’s a website that quickly and easily lets you upload and share cool content.  In this generation of sharing what more you ask for?


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