A new portrait series for my portfolio.

The Moment of Impact

During our final last Wednesday, the director of the Photography program and our teacher, Ms. Finch, sent out a personal request to the students; that we all go out and shoot like crazy.  The next few months will be important for us to build a portfolio and with that we need to plan, and execute, a lot of different shoots.  Today I started one of my ideas called “The Moment of Impact,” and was able to use my friend Thom’s studio to start the set.  The premise of the set is simple, people caught in the middle of action that is emphasized by powder.  Using 2 lights and a reflector, it was lit for optimum depth.

Big giant thank you to models : Sarah P, Chelsea J, Dawn K, Jimmy S, and Rachel K.  All true sports.

Here are some of the results (to see more check my flickr set “The Moment of Impact”):

The Moment of ImpactThe Moment of Impact

The Moment of Impact

The Moment of Impact

The Moment of Impact

The Moment of Impact

The Moment of Impact

The Moment of Impact

The Moment of Impact

The Moment of Impact - Big Thank You

I’m currently looking for more models for this set.  If you are interested please contact me.

Recently someone asked if I was concerned about classmates doing the same idea I used.  Because of the now competitive nature of our class having a “Best Portfolio,” this is a very valid question.  The answer is, not really.  I believe right now to achieve the portfolio shots I need it will require a crew of people to achieve.  In this case Tiffany helped as an assistant, while the models used were very excited to work together.  This synergy helped build, what I consider, a better product.  Planning and execution was a major factor.  If classmates see my idea and do it better, good for them honestly.  All I can do is promise to me, and my crew, that we will do the damn best we can and try to make an outstanding product.

So, a big thank you to all my help, all the talent, and also those who have given their time to critique and comment on these, and any, of my photographs.  I’m looking forward to the possibilities of new shoots for portfolio.


One response

  1. Catherine Hardy

    me, me, I want to try it. I love these pictures/art. Trent, nice work. Very nice!

    -Catherine Hardy
    “Mexico Friend”

    December 13, 2010 at 10:00 am

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