This  post is a long time overdue.  I want to introduce you guys to a great company based in Sandy Springs, Georgia called Aperturent.com.  It’s owned by a really cool guy named Oscar and his wife and, as you could probably tell from their name, they rent out camera equipment.  It wasn’t long ago that if you wanted to rent camera equipment you had to hopefully find a store locally that would do it.  Those stores were few and far between, plus they were normally only located in big cities.  Atlanta itself really only had one such store, and to rent a lens would cost you over $50 per day on average.  With the advent of the internet and e-commerce, mixed with cheap shipping,  online rental locations started showing up and offering great prices for lens rental. The only inconvenience was the shipping time since it took an average of 3 days to get the lens.  Despite that single shortcoming, almost all lens rental companies online get very positive reviews.

At first glance Aperturent is like many of the great online lens rental places.  You rent a lens, it’s shipped to you, you’re happy shooting , and then very sad when you pack up that f1.2 lens to ship back.  Where it becomes really  different compared to other places online is, if you live in Georgia, then you get the great option of “I’ll pick it up“.  So you pretty much get online renters prices with the convenience of picking it up locally.  Way awesome!

There is a reason why I like Apeturent so much.  So much that I would really call them out like this.  Oscar has made a lot of effort to involve himself in the Atlanta photography community.  He and his wife have bent over backwards to make sure that local Atlanta photographers have access to photography equipment at a whim, more so than many other companies around here catering to the same market.  They have also been very active on updating inventory when needed; which is great because I have told them about stuff we need at school and they make sure to have it. They personally lent me a 60D , in which I’m finalizing the review, but have done similar for many photographers in the Atlanta area.

So if you want the latest in camera equipment to try out, need a great lens to test out, and live in Atlanta, Aperturent is really the best place to go to.


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