A snowy day in Georgia


Suwanee FD taking a little down time on their busy day to make a...Snowman?

Old Town Suwanee

There was a record amount of snowfall last night in Georgia.  I haven’t personally seen it like this since 1993.  Our instructor at school Ms. Finch wanted us to take some snow photos for extra credit, so here some are.  It was a very pleasant walk around, a little chilly at the end.  The pictures were taken around where I live, couldn’t walk to far (at most half a mile) but fortunately we live a very picturesque area.

Here are a few photos, feel free to go through the gallery which has about 30 photographs from today.

Old Town Suwanee

Winter Wonderland or something like that

The backyard - about 6~7" of snow on the ground, and about 12~15" in corners

The poor cats, confused if they want to go outside. Later I brought Elly out, she didn't like it.

Downtown Suwanee

Good to see Suwanee is very active about getting the roads cleared. These guys went everywhere.

Powers probably running a little more today

Dad bringing his two kids to look around, it was cute

A neighbor feeding Roxy the donky

The road was blanketed in snow as far as the eyes could see

little creeks are always beautiful in the winter

An old town Suwanee building front


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