Photography in 2011

Sedona - Complications of Love and Science

One of my shoots from January 2011 - Meet Sedona


This is going to be a good year, I feel it.  It’s already started awesome.

As of 2011 I’ve been a photographer for over 7 years now.  It’s hard to believe that much time has passed.  This year it’s looking like a lot of photography opportunity will come up not just for me, but for those I care for around me like Tiffany, Ian, Thom, and Gustavo.

Tiffany - Tiny Terrible

It's the girlfriend Tiffany, she's been an awesome help this year


Its so cool I wanted to take time to recognize some of the cool things happening this year.

– School is going to be awesome.  The opportunity to get a great portfolio together is one thing, but also the team work is what I’m looking forward too.  We’ve already gotten some ideas to work together, and the best part is we are being paid to do what we love by doing gigs together.  That’s awesome!

Studio (TM)

Meet and Shoot at Studio TM - Awesome photography ops


– I started “Meet and Shoot” ( at Thom’s Studio in December last year, and have pitched it this year.  It’s a photography meet up and model shoot that has already sold out it’s first three meetups.  The feedback has been awesome, and the results are great.  The best part is everyone is happy with the product.  It feels awesome to be a part of it.  In fact it’s so awesome that I brought in Tiffany, Ian, and Gustavo to help run it and experience it.

– I restarted personal photography tutoring, and have an amazing client named Dr. Smith.  He’s passionate about photography, but the best part about it is his embracing of the education and art behind it.  They say when you find a student you can end up learning a lot more, it feels that way with this tutoring.  Dr. Smith has made this year that much better because it has refreshed my enthusiasm for photography.

Christina and Ian

Yes this was November last year, but it really was the first wedding of the new season for me


– A new years resolution of mine is to participate in 23 weddings this year, and I’ve already done 2.  I love weddings, and it’s a pleasure working them.  I second shoot for an amazing photographer named Jamie ( and he’s already booked me for some shoots.  Working with Jamie at weddings is absolutely awesome because it’s like being part of a well oiled machine.  Along with that Thom has also asked me to second shoot for him some this year.  It will be awesome to meet that goal.  You get some amazingly fun stuff at weddings.

Sarah - The Wind speaks to me

Sarah, one of the new models I've started working with


– It’s been a great year to shoot “New” models.  Starting in December (it feels like part of the new year) I’ve been shooting with great models such as Dawn, Jimmy, Misty, Sedona, Madison, Sarah Parks, and more.  The photos are fun, unique, and reinvigorate my love for photography.

– Lastly I’ve been second shooting for a local Atlanta photographer named Ninh.  He has introduced me to some amazing opportunities including celebrity events, and massive corporate events.  His process is amazing and outstanding, and I have so much I can learn from him.  Some of it is school of hard knocks, but it’s gonna be worth the price of admission.  I can only get better.  The cool thing is yes I’m experienced, but a sad fact is when you are experienced it doesn’t mean you are good at everything, it can mean simply you are good at doing that small thing you do.  Ninh critiques can be  harsh if you are more emotionally sensitive, but the fact of the matter is there’s a lot to learn from it.  I won’t let “7 years of shooting” blind me from learning, so this has been an amazing experience and opportunity.


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