Blossoming of a Muse – Lisa B

Lisa - Deep blue
Theme : Basic Boudoir/Glamor

Photographers focusing on portraits will no doubt have endless amount of faces in front of their camera. Every once in a while the photographer may stumble upon someone so amazing, so exciting, that person just models for them consistently and also motivates the photographer to perform at a high level. I’ve been lucky to have had several of those people in the form of Carli, Aglae, Elizabeth, and Maryn. Recently I’ve had the pleasure of working with someone who is fire balling herself to the top of my list, and her name is Lisa.


Theme : Outside portraiture

So makes Lisa so special? Well honestly her personality has been a major plus, but something that’s really been a key factor is her diversity and openness to just general shooting. In the span of almost 2 weeks Lisa and I have meet for the first time, and done over 6 shoots that have complete different feels and range. She has show amazing diversity in skills and ability in all our shoots.

Lisa and Vivian - Protect us from this coming storm

Theme : Heroin Chic (Vivian is the other model)

I’ll write more about her without a doubt, but right now please enjoy the photos we’ve taken with each other.

Please check my Lisa flickr stream to see more photos of her : Lisa B on Flickr.

Lisa - Dormant

Theme : Old Hollywood


Theme : Old Hollywood Outside


Lisa - Contemplation

Theme : Mood Portraiture


Meet and Shoot 02222011

Theme : Basic Headshot


Lisa - Conquest

Theme : Fashion


Lisa and Viv

Theme : Period clothing (Viv is in black)


Lisa - Underworld

Theme : Heroin Chic


Lisa - Breathe

Theme : Budoir


Lisa - Descending

Theme : General Portraiture


Lisa and Viv - Femme and Fatale

Theme : Fashion


Lisa - Nothing but the girl

Theme : General Portraiture



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