So what have I been up too? – Shooting in January 2012 and a little ahead

Hey guys, it’s been a while. Photography’s coming back full force for me in both actual paid work coming in, and also just my general interest in it. I wanted to share with you guys some stuff that’s new, and also shoots i’ve done the last month or so. Thank you to everyone who commented and wrote to me during this down period, it helped motivate me to stay the course.

Well first come to first, I’m a instructor at the Showcase School of Photography now. I’m teaching my second session now and the students are absolutely awesome. It’s great to be in an environment were people want to learn. I also get feedback from several of my old students already who said how they loved me as a instructor. Muy beuno.

If you want to take your photography to a higher level via a structured yet very organize education process, I can recommend any other way than taking our courses.  I teach a Digital 101 and Digital 102 class that are opening up on the 7th for registration, hope to see one or 2 of you readers there.

Check out my profile page for a little hidden lols.


It's Aisy bear and Me in early January

 If anyones been following my work, you would know photography hasn’t been happening much from me the last 4 months of 2011, or at least photography you’ve seen.  I did a bunch of corporate gigs, weddings, and so on but I tend to rarely share those on my blog.  This year I plan on changing that, as some soul searching made me realize that that’s what I want to focus on and advertise as a photographer.  You will see a lot of Wedding, Portraiture, and Corporate event post on the blog now, but also mixed with practical tips and tricks and a little bit of personality.  Ironically after that short preaching speech, now I’ll show you more of the portraits I’ve shot and some  corporate events.


Aglae, the prettiest of ladies

It’s Aglae!  For those who don’t know Aglae and I have worked together for ages.  It seemed appropriate to jump into the new years taking photos without someone you not only know will give great photos, but also is just amazing too boot.

Zoe 2012

Zoe T. - Shot with a Canon 85 1.2L II

In this day also I shot with a new lady introduced by my friend Ian named Zoe.  She was pretty rocking also. We did both inside studio shooting, and outside location.  I have to give a heads up to here who provided but a Canon 200 F2 IS and a Alienbee 800 kit with Lithium vagabond set for us to use.

Check out Zoes gallery at: Trent Chau Zoe Flickr Gallery

Check out Aglae’s Gallery at : Aglaes general Gallery (check the later photos)

So I have to dash out the door to get my car fixed, but wanted to share one last session taken yesterday with the beautiful Ms. Julia Titova.

Julia - Silver Star

Ms. Julia Titova

Check out her gallery here – Trent’s Julia Titova Gallery (Check the latest photos)

Most of these photos were taken with the Canon 200 F2L IS or Canon 85 1.2L II using a 5D mark II.

Will add the corporate shooting part soon.


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