February – Photography and more

Photography has been interesting the last month.  A major event has happened in my life, and caused a state of personal depression on one hand, but vibrant fervor as a photographer on the other.  The last few weeks have been shoot/shoot/shoot including personal portraiture, and corporate events.  Here’s a sample of some things I’ve photographed.

A few weeks ago my photography students at showcase went to the Oakland Cemetery.  We brought a model with us dressed to match the scenery.  Here are some of those photos.  Rachel was the models name, and she knocked it out of the park for her first time modelling.  Her makeup was done by her friend Sarah Green, and wardrobe by me.

Rachel - Click image for my Facebook gallery

Showcase had 2 fieldtrips scheduled that day, so right after I brought my 102 students to the Southeastern Railroad Museum in Duluth, GA.  There’s amazing texture to be found there, and also so much time to be lost into the history and past of these old trains.

The Southeastern Railway Museum - Click image for my facebook gallery

The cemetery and railway museum were super fun to shoot.  Something cool also is having the chance to shoot with a new makeup artist.  I would like to introduce Tiffany Kilgore, an amazing makeup artist and also beautiful lady herself.  I had her pose for a few portraits to try out her abilities, so have a look.

Tiffany Kilgore, Make Up Artist - See more of her photos at my facebook gallery

lastly this weekend I did my first maternity/couple shoot of the 2012.  An old model friend Elizabeth is about to burst in a few weeks, so we did a shoot while her baby belly was BIG.  Her and John were absolutely wonderful.

Elizabeth and John - Click the image for my facebook gallery


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