The Mid March Update – a new intern, Rachel, and lots of shooting.

Photography has been going full force here.  Halfway into the month of March I’ve already done 4 corporate events, several portraits shoots and more.  Something I’m really happy about is the startup of my classes at Showcase.  It’s absolutely awesome being an instructor at the school, and this new batch of students look to be another top notch class.  While it maybe self serving, I can’t but help highly suggest it to anyone looking for great structured yet organize photography instructions.

Something, or someone, I would like to introduce is my dear friend, fellow classmate at Gwinnett tech, and now new intern Sonia Ojeda.  Sonia and I met almost 3 years ago as fellow students.  I’ve always been impressed by her photography drive, and mostly important path of self improvement.  She’s used me as a resource on many occasions, but has driven herself to really look for the best way to grow her photography.  She’s already helped me in a lot of shoots, and it’s really awesome to to involve her in more.

I’m keeping this update short and sweet, but what’s an update without pictures?  Here’s a recent session with the amazing Ms. Rachel Jones.  A 19 old home grown talent with fiery red hair (I think it’s fake).  Please have a look, and check out my facebook gallery for her.


Click on the image to see Rachel's gallery


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