April in a nut shell

April has been a CRAZY busy month for me.  Some amazing photoshoot, workshops and classes.  Here’s a just a taste of some of the stuff already done.  This is just the last week (04.19~04.27)

Black light photoshoot

My assistant Sonia Ojeda is working on a video for her multimedia class and really wanted to cover Black Light photography as her final.  She did an amazing job at getting it all together, and asking me to be the “head photographer” of the event.  I got some models for her (something I seem to be good at) and we pretty much made a party of it.  Here are some stand out photos, for a gallery of images check out my facebook gallery here : Black Light Photoshoot

Callie - Lock and Flow

Donald - Strength and honor

Rachel – MAS Personal Sessions

Something cool and new we are doing at Meet and Shoot are personal sessions.  Essentially it’s small workshops up to 4 photographers lead by a trained and experienced Meet and Shoot photographer.  We do a series of photos with one of several of our amazing models, and cover various topics such as general photography, figure, boudoir, and even specialized things such as weddings and costumes.  Last wednesday we had a personal session Boudoir/Figure/Glamor with our beautiful model Rachel.  Here are some images from that shoot.  – For a gallery of her shots check here : Rachel

Rachel - Americana

Rachel - Sanctuary


About a month or 2 ago Cindy contacted me to have a photo shoot.  She was working out and really wanted to show how great she was looking.  I haven’t seen her before we shot last Sunday, but when we did meet I was floored by how amazing she looked.  She wanted some artistic photos that were still sensual and not your cookie cutter glamor stuff.  We shot her around the goat farm in Atlanta, and got some pretty cool stuff.  Here’s the gallery: Cindy T Smith

Cindy - Modern day romance

Cindy - Bring us the sun and all it's stars

MAS Figure workshop

On Saturday (04.21) Meet and Shoot had our second Figure Workshop of 2012.  Two beautiful models, 10 photographers, and an ABSOLUTELY stunning and unique location.  Here are some of my photos from it, and hopefully showing what’s safe on this blog.  MAS Figure Workshop 04.21.2012

Olivia - Resurrection
Click link to see image

Moving into a new office

While not a shoot, last friday we (Meet and Shoot, and Trent Chau Photography) has moved into our new office in Doraville, GA.  From there we offer one on one classes on photography, editing, and more.  Email me for more info on rates and what we offer.  We have already booked a tremendous amount of one on one sessions.

Random photos

Along with shooting some themes during the week, I also shot some random photos of people during it.  Here’s a few.
(These were all within the last 2 weeks)

Callie - Lift me up


Trent Chau Photography-0626



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