May – Weddings, Portraits, More, Oh my.

Maybe this blog should be updated weekly rather than monthly.  There’s just so much going on now that would really be cool to talk about and show off.  I don’t even know where to begin!

May was busy, very busy.  Not only was it busy, it was diversely busy.  Wedding season is beginning to go full force, along with portrait shooting.  Meet and Shoot is going full force now also.  I also started another teaching session at The Showcase School of Photography.  So here’s some neat stuff, plus of course PHOTOS.

The project.

I started my own 365 project.  For those who aren’t aware of what a 365 project is, it’s pretty much you take a photo for everyday of the year, and post it up.  It’s pretty fun.  My project is based on portraits (which I love) and very simple rules that can make the job a little difficult.  Here are some rules that will make this project interesting.

  • Must be a different person everyday
  • Must be straight from camera (with watermark added)
  • At least 3 strangers a week
  • Must be shot with one of three lenses, 35 1.4L, 50 1.2L, or 85 1.2L II

I’m really excited about this project.  It’s been going on for about a week now, so only 50+ more to go.

Check it out at : ( fancy!)

Meet and Shoot: Atlanta

Meet and Shoot isn’t new, but it is something that’s growing in full force right now.  We have a new website up at  Its really awesome seeing Meet and Shoot grow.  So if you are in the Atlanta area and wanna be a part of some absolutely awesome workshops, classes, and shoots, come join us.  We just spent 5 hours at the river yesterday, it really is fun.

Here are some sample images from recent Meet and Shoots

Meet and Shoot Personal Session: Callie and Maryn at Sope Creek


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