It’s been a crazy few months of shooting

June and July have proven to be some pretty epic months when it comes to shooting, and life has been great. The feedback people have given from these shoots have been spectacular. Here’s a just a few of the shoots recently done.

First of all if you haven’t heard, I started a 365 project.  Check it out at, it’s 365 unique portraits

Bree – The new Muse Part 2

Not only do I have Marissa to shoot with this whole summer, but Bree has also stepped up to the plate as a new Muse.  Bree is also a photographer and has helped me with shooting.  She’s a bunch of win.  I’ve become really fast friends with her and she’s been extremely helpful in making me realize how awesome life is.  Thanks a bunch hun, I can’t wait til we rock some awesome photos out.

See more of Bree here

Sadie – Aeriel Lyra

See Sadies gallery here

Sadie Hawkins is amazing.  She’s stunning on the lyra (the hoop), an absolute amazing stage presence, and also a hilariously awesome personality.  I really wanted to do a shoot combining the painting done a few months ago along with using flour which was done over a year ago.  This is the product.

Blairesville, Ga – Calendar Shoot

Nothing is as American as doing a babes in bikini shoot in the middle of summer.  While I’m patriotic as all get out, surprisingly this isn’t something I do much.  I was invited to shoot for a calender and here are some of the results.  Bree helped out and the whole experience was amazing.  A really stand out model was Victoria (Pictured above).  Look at those eyes!.  Big thank you to Brian Reeves for putting this together with John, and massive thank you to models Christy, Cara, Laura, Victoria, Vanessa, Braniggan, Heather and more.

See the Blairesville, Ga shoot here

Here are a few other photos taken within the last few weeks

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