About Me

Hi I’m Trent, and I love photography.

(copied from the good old website)

Why do I love photography? Well there’s a little history. My father gave me a camera back in the 1990’s. He got this nice Canon AE-1 from the PX while he was in the Navy, used it for years without a hitch, and than handed it to me probably reluctantly. From here I would love to wow you with a story about how I picked it up, learned everything about it, and decided from there that photography be my future life’s dream and pursuit. Well that didn’t happen.

Photography was fun, capturing pictures of people, places, and who knows what, that was great. Film….wasn’t as fun. Mostly when you didn’t realize how much developing film was back then, and how difficult it was to acquire a nice scanner so you can share your images with your friends on AOL (hey it was the mid 90’s, don’t mock me). So on the shelf the AE-1 went, and I did other things that were very much related to photography (which I didn’t realize at the time). I became a huge addict of photo shop, to the point that I became certified and started teaching some workshops. Also I began developing websites and code, this website being a product of my design acumen. Pretty cool, and highly useful to know as a photographer.

In about 2002 is when the photography bug came back and hit me hard. Digital was blooming and finally becoming affordable, and yay no more film. I began shooting again with a pretty advance Point and Shoot camera (the Olympus C-5050, it had manual! and an f2.0 lens). and was constantly amazed at the visual quality you can get if you start applying photography techniqes such as aperture, focal length, and so forth. A pretty major event happened in my life late 2004 that drove me further into photography. Lets just say it made me reanalyze life and begin to realize how much photography allowed me to appreciate life more. From then on I bit the bullet, spent a couple thousand dollars, and dove head first into photography. I purchased a Canon 20D, and soon found myself on a maelstrom of equipment upgrades and shooting various different things. Experimenting with lenses, lights, props, and everyone and everything in between.

Photography has been wonderful to me, its let me meet many new people, and be part of many new things I may not have been able to see without the camera and the lens.

In late 2008, during the sweeping recession that hit the United States, I lost my job and went to school. Gwinnett Technical College had a local photography program, and while you may not hear much about it without research you would be surprise how much it has influenced and been part of the photography world and community. As of now I’ve been a student there for almost 2 years (1 more year of the program), and hope to graduate and become a photography instructor somewhere. It’s really been fun at GTC.


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