It’s been a crazy few months of shooting

June and July have proven to be some pretty epic months when it comes to shooting, and life has been great. The feedback people have given from these shoots have been spectacular. Here’s a just a few of the shoots recently done.

First of all if you haven’t heard, I started a 365 project.  Check it out at, it’s 365 unique portraits

Bree – The new Muse Part 2

Not only do I have Marissa to shoot with this whole summer, but Bree has also stepped up to the plate as a new Muse.  Bree is also a photographer and has helped me with shooting.  She’s a bunch of win.  I’ve become really fast friends with her and she’s been extremely helpful in making me realize how awesome life is.  Thanks a bunch hun, I can’t wait til we rock some awesome photos out.

See more of Bree here

Sadie – Aeriel Lyra

See Sadies gallery here

Sadie Hawkins is amazing.  She’s stunning on the lyra (the hoop), an absolute amazing stage presence, and also a hilariously awesome personality.  I really wanted to do a shoot combining the painting done a few months ago along with using flour which was done over a year ago.  This is the product.



February – Photography and more

Photography has been interesting the last month.  A major event has happened in my life, and caused a state of personal depression on one hand, but vibrant fervor as a photographer on the other.  The last few weeks have been shoot/shoot/shoot including personal portraiture, and corporate events.  Here’s a sample of some things I’ve photographed.

A few weeks ago my photography students at showcase went to the Oakland Cemetery.  We brought a model with us dressed to match the scenery.  Here are some of those photos.  Rachel was the models name, and she knocked it out of the park for her first time modelling.  Her makeup was done by her friend Sarah Green, and wardrobe by me.

Rachel - Click image for my Facebook gallery

Showcase had 2 fieldtrips scheduled that day, so right after I brought my 102 students to the Southeastern Railroad Museum in Duluth, GA.  There’s amazing texture to be found there, and also so much time to be lost into the history and past of these old trains.

The Southeastern Railway Museum - Click image for my facebook gallery


Some new photos

Here are some new photos taken within the last few months.  School has us on a furious burn as we enter our last quarter.

Christina - Plug Me In

Purple Rain

Dirt and Motion


Blossoming of a Muse – Lisa B

Lisa - Deep blue
Theme : Basic Boudoir/Glamor

Photographers focusing on portraits will no doubt have endless amount of faces in front of their camera. Every once in a while the photographer may stumble upon someone so amazing, so exciting, that person just models for them consistently and also motivates the photographer to perform at a high level. I’ve been lucky to have had several of those people in the form of Carli, Aglae, Elizabeth, and Maryn. Recently I’ve had the pleasure of working with someone who is fire balling herself to the top of my list, and her name is Lisa.


Theme : Outside portraiture


Meet Sedona

Sedona - Small Luxuries

A fellow photographer friend of mine named Mike (Bumpy) from the Atlanta Photographers guild introduced me to Sedona about a month and a half ago.  Sedona has an amazing look.  She’s stunningly pretty, but also had a great personality to match.  Other than a few snaps, I didn’t really work with her much that day.  Fast forward a few weeks and an opportunity came up where I needed a model and I gave Sedona a call.  Here’s a few sample images taken last night with Sedona as a model.  She rocked it.

Sedona - Small Miracles


A snowy day in Georgia


Suwanee FD taking a little down time on their busy day to make a...Snowman?

Old Town Suwanee

There was a record amount of snowfall last night in Georgia.  I haven’t personally seen it like this since 1993.  Our instructor at school Ms. Finch wanted us to take some snow photos for extra credit, so here some are.  It was a very pleasant walk around, a little chilly at the end.  The pictures were taken around where I live, couldn’t walk to far (at most half a mile) but fortunately we live a very picturesque area.

Here are a few photos, feel free to go through the gallery which has about 30 photographs from today.

Old Town Suwanee

Winter Wonderland or something like that


Photography degree from a Tech School : Inside Look

As of the end of this quarter, I will have been a student at Gwinnett Technical College for two years now.  For those of you who don’t know, I became unemployed in December 2008 and after looking at the options (and influenced by an extremely weak economy) now was a good a times as any to get a college degree.

As a hobbyist, and the occasional “professional” photographer, it didn’t take long to enroll into the only photography program in the Suwanee area that was reasonably priced.  The photography program at Gwinnett Tech is a two year, lock-step program. Meaning that you have to take class in the order and times they are given. Classes are only offered once a year,and if you fail one you have to wait another year to take it again. This also postpones the other classes you take as well as when you can graduate.. It’s pretty stressful, especially as you invest more and more into the system.

Here are some of the more interesting things I’ve learned whilst attending Gwinnett Tech: (more…)