Shooting with the Imperial Opa Circus

This saturday (10/12/2013) I had a window open to shoot between a rehearsal for a wedding and the rehearsal dinner.  My dear friend Vivian (who just got engaged!) mentioned that her circus troop, The Imperial Opa, was doing a small showing for the Riverview Landing Fall festival.  The Imperial Opa has an absolutely awesome assortment of various performers doing things juggling, tumbling, aerial trapeze, rope climbing, fire spinning and more.  Here’s a few sample photos!

Interested in shooting them with studio lighting and more, check out this event in a few days.



This blog is being retired…sort of.

A long time ago at Gwinnett Tech, my teacher Mr. Jones required you to create a new blog from scratch.  Even if you owned your own.  Well it was an issue because this blog was running.  Well running 2 blogs suck..royally.  So the transition is starting to combine it all to one blog again.  My photography, reviews, and all that wonderful jazz.  So this blog link is being retired, but the blog is still alive and can now be found at


So I have a new Muse – Marissa

As mentioned above, I have a new Muse.  Her name is Marissa B.  Great local Atlanta model who found me.

See her flickr gallery here –

Here are just a few photos we’ve taken the last few weeks

Trent Chau Photography-0113

Marissa - You can't go back

Marissa - Anger

Trent Chau Photography-0110

Marissa - Waiting for sunrise

May – Weddings, Portraits, More, Oh my.

Maybe this blog should be updated weekly rather than monthly.  There’s just so much going on now that would really be cool to talk about and show off.  I don’t even know where to begin!

May was busy, very busy.  Not only was it busy, it was diversely busy.  Wedding season is beginning to go full force, along with portrait shooting.  Meet and Shoot is going full force now also.  I also started another teaching session at The Showcase School of Photography.  So here’s some neat stuff, plus of course PHOTOS.

The project.

I started my own 365 project.  For those who aren’t aware of what a 365 project is, it’s pretty much you take a photo for everyday of the year, and post it up.  It’s pretty fun.  My project is based on portraits (which I love) and very simple rules that can make the job a little difficult.  Here are some rules that will make this project interesting.

  • Must be a different person everyday
  • Must be straight from camera (with watermark added)
  • At least 3 strangers a week
  • Must be shot with one of three lenses, 35 1.4L, 50 1.2L, or 85 1.2L II

I’m really excited about this project.  It’s been going on for about a week now, so only 50+ more to go.

Check it out at : ( fancy!)

April in a nut shell

April has been a CRAZY busy month for me.  Some amazing photoshoot, workshops and classes.  Here’s a just a taste of some of the stuff already done.  This is just the last week (04.19~04.27)

Black light photoshoot

My assistant Sonia Ojeda is working on a video for her multimedia class and really wanted to cover Black Light photography as her final.  She did an amazing job at getting it all together, and asking me to be the “head photographer” of the event.  I got some models for her (something I seem to be good at) and we pretty much made a party of it.  Here are some stand out photos, for a gallery of images check out my facebook gallery here : Black Light Photoshoot

Callie - Lock and Flow

Donald - Strength and honor

Rachel – MAS Personal Sessions

Something cool and new we are doing at Meet and Shoot are personal sessions.  Essentially it’s small workshops up to 4 photographers lead by a trained and experienced Meet and Shoot photographer.  We do a series of photos with one of several of our amazing models, and cover various topics such as general photography, figure, boudoir, and even specialized things such as weddings and costumes.  Last wednesday we had a personal session Boudoir/Figure/Glamor with our beautiful model Rachel.  Here are some images from that shoot.  – For a gallery of her shots check here : Rachel

Rachel - Americana

Rachel - Sanctuary


So you want to be a second shooter, assistant, etc… for a photographer

So you want to be a second shooter, assistant, etc… for a photographer

Interested in becoming an assistant or second shooter for a photographer?  This is a VERY HONEST set of tips and tricks to read over as you look for that perfect 2nd shooting position.

For the past 6 years now I cater to tens if not hundreds of in person, in email, and phone request for assistants.  It’s really nice to see so much interest in the industry, but also telling of what we have to deal with as professional photographers when it comes to competition and also level of skill that maybe out there.  As a photographer instructor I want to help everyone, but as a professional photographer I know sometimes that not everyone can do what photographers do.  It’s an interesting situation.

Along with being asked by people to use them, I also have had the experience of being a second shooter for some amazing photographers the last 5 years.  My experience will be relayed there.

So to cut to the chase, here’s a list of do’s, don’ts, and stuff to be aware of.

Be willing to do the small things –
While this is obvious to some people, it’s not obvious to others.  Be ready to lift, climb, do physical labor, and more on the job.  A lot of it is menial, and you should graduate from it early.  If you are an assistant be sure to learn how to gaffers correctly, learn how to put up and break down light stands, how to interface with the lights, and most importantly how to find a secure place to hide and store equipment and cases.  The small things are one of those things you can do that really show those who work around you how awesome you are.  There’s a break in the shoot, the photographers talking to the set director and the models are changing?  It’s a good time to just pickup debris/trash around the set.  I do it as a photographer and I NEVER expect my assistants too, it’s a pleasant surprise and something I appreciate the 2nd/assistant for.

Something I personally do as a second shooter for weddings is make sure my main photographer has simple things like a glass of iced water.  When you are running  200% on a wedding day, when your 2nd comes up with a glass of water and also a quick summery of their plan of attack to knock out some great photos, you can’t help but be thankful.  (more…)

The Mid March Update – a new intern, Rachel, and lots of shooting.

Photography has been going full force here.  Halfway into the month of March I’ve already done 4 corporate events, several portraits shoots and more.  Something I’m really happy about is the startup of my classes at Showcase.  It’s absolutely awesome being an instructor at the school, and this new batch of students look to be another top notch class.  While it maybe self serving, I can’t but help highly suggest it to anyone looking for great structured yet organize photography instructions.

Something, or someone, I would like to introduce is my dear friend, fellow classmate at Gwinnett tech, and now new intern Sonia Ojeda.  Sonia and I met almost 3 years ago as fellow students.  I’ve always been impressed by her photography drive, and mostly important path of self improvement.  She’s used me as a resource on many occasions, but has driven herself to really look for the best way to grow her photography.  She’s already helped me in a lot of shoots, and it’s really awesome to to involve her in more.

I’m keeping this update short and sweet, but what’s an update without pictures?  Here’s a recent session with the amazing Ms. Rachel Jones.  A 19 old home grown talent with fiery red hair (I think it’s fake).  Please have a look, and check out my facebook gallery for her.


Click on the image to see Rachel's gallery